Booting Up: Snapchat Expands L.A. Offices Because Dick Pics Are Lucrative

Snapchat's snazzy headquarters. (Getty)

Snapchat’s snazzy headquarters. (Getty)

Snapchat has added another 4000 square feet to their L.A. offices, which are located a block from the beach. How nice for them. [The Hollywood Reporter]  

Facebook’s fourth quarter earnings were higher than everyone thought they were going to be, tbh. [The Verge]

Clearly under the assumption that we’re NOT trolling Twitter all day, CNN and Twitter have partnered with Dataminr to create a tool that alerts journalists to breaking news on the social media site. [TechCrunch]

Could Microsoft be ready to announce Steve Ballmer’s successor? [Re/code]

Now that Google’s ditched stinky old Motorola, maybe they can be friends with Samsung again. [Cnet]