Build Your Creepy Secret Wedding Wishlist IRL With New Pinterest iPhone Scanner

Put on your Sunday best, we're going to David's Bridal.



It doesn’t take NSA-level records access to figure out that Pinterest users freaking love weddings, possibly even more than they love shirtless men.

They also love buying the stuff they pin (except for #fitspo, because as we all know, that’s priceless). The virtual pinboard site drives sales in a huge way.

Now, a new app is enabling Pinterest users to pin their favorite products IRL just by scanning an item’s UPC barcode. It’s called LoveList, and it was created by Brad Mahler and Mark Tholking, TechCrunch reports.

Mr. Mahler’s discerning fiancée had a hand in inspiring the app, he told TechCrunch:

“My fiancée and I were shopping and we found an item we wanted to add to our Amazon registry,” he says. “We keep a Pinterest board for that purpose, so as my fiancée was pinning it she asked, ‘why can’t I just scan this to Pin it?’” Mahler knew this would be possible, but no one had built a tool that made that easy to do yet.

The app costs 99 cents, but the joy you get from walking around the mall while simultaneously creating a hibiscus-themed pinboard for your upcoming Carnival cruise lasts forever.

Check out this video, complete with crazy 1998-MIDI-controller-created background music.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to head to J.Crew Bridal to create a round of extensive, color-coded hypothetical wedding and baby pinboards for our… er… sister.