Court Case: Long Island Crazies Want to Ban Street Basketball

What an eye-sore. (NBC)

What an eye-sore. (NBC)

Time to forget your hoop dreams. 

Officials in Long Island’s Munsey Park are on their way to banning basketball. 

The Nassau County Village claims that the hoops are unsightly and encourage kids to play in harms way.

“This is a village of aesthetics, and people don’t want to see basketball hoops along the street,” Patrick Hance, a trustee of the 320-acre village, told NBC.

Safety, along with the fact that basketball hoops are apparently not chic enough for Munsey Park, is also a factor. “We are not anti-basketball…we just don’t want [kids] playing in the street,” Mr. Hance told NBC.

Obviously, not all of the nearly 3,000 residents are happy about this. Hoop-star hopefuls firmly oppose the ban. “Legislators shouldn’t be telling us where we play our sports,” Munsey Park local Jillian Master told CBS.

The village board will vote on the proposed ban next month, so mini-Michaels and little-Lebrons will have to wait with bated breath to learn the fate of their backboards.

Here’s hoping they let my b-ball go.