Crossing Guard Keeps Warm With A Little Brooklyn Boogie Woogie

Dancing in the street. (Youtube)

Dancing in the street. (Youtube)

Why walk when you can dance?

In cold winter mornings, most New Yorkers don’t have a jump in their step, using any extra movements to keep warm. Brooklyn crossing guard Ester Hines is not your normal New Yorker.

A passerby shared a video of Ms. Hines dancing at her corner, at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Glenwood Road, amid all the snow and the ice on reddit, excited at the curious site of her keeping warm. 

“The world needs more spontaneous dancing,” one redditor said. 

Ms. Hines has been dancing since she was 7-years-old and she is still dancing on air. “You make them smile, why not? Why not, it makes my day,” Ms. Hines told News 12.

Every morning, Ms. Hines keeps her tradition alive more than four years later. With so many pedestrian accidents in the past few weeks, maybe a flashy crossing guard is just what New York needs.

“Ha, I see this lady all the time,” nerfherder111 posted on reddit. “The best is seeing her sneak up dancing behind someone with a grumpy morning face. Instant smile.”