Dennis Rodman Defends North Korea Against Imminent Chris Cuomo Threat (Video)

Dennis Rodman on CNN.

Dennis Rodman on CNN.

Have you ever had that thing, where you’re trying to say something and it just won’t come out right? Well, not Dennis Rodman, who is basically the Clarence Darrow of international relations. Watch as The Worm, who is currently in North Korea playing basketball, deftly maneuvers out of Chris Cuomo’s tough line of questioning about whether he plans to speak to Kim Jong-un about the fate of American detainee Kenneth Bae.

“Are you going to take this opportunity, if you get it, to speak up for the Kenneth Bae, and to say let us why this man is being held?” Mr. Cuomo asked the former NBA star who has referred to Kim Jong-Un as “a friend for live” and proclaimed his love for the dictator who reportedly executed his own uncle (and now, possibly his aunt?) just a couple weeks ago.

Mr. Rodman then proceeded to express his sentiments:

“Kenneth Bae did one thing. … If you understand what Kenneth Bae did. Do you understand what he did in this country? No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why? … I would love to speak on this.
“You know, you’ve got 10 guys here, 10 guys here, they’ve left their families, they’ve left their damn families, to help this country, as in a sports venture. That’s 10 guys, all these guys here, do anyone understand that? Christmas, New Year’s. …
“I don’t give a rat’s ass what the hell you think. I’m saying to you, look at these guys here, look at them … they dared to do one thing, they came here.”

So…just to be clear, we still don’t know what Kenneth Bae did, right? Case open. We’re not even sure if Mr. Rodman is aware of who Mr. Bae is…perhaps he was just asking Mr. Cuomo to explain the situation. “Do YOU know what he did in this country? Why is he held captive?” These are all very good questions.

The NBA has released a statement saying that they’ve got nothing to do with this. White House spokesperson Jay Carney commented on Mr. Rodman’s remarks by saying, “I am not going to dignify that outburst with a response.”