Dummy Faces Federal Charges For Shining a Laser at a Police Chopper

Settle, cool dude.

Poke an eye out. (Photo: UniverseToday.com)

You could poke an eye out. (Photo: UniverseToday.com)

Blowing up illegal fireworks at your Fourth of July party is one thing, but pointing a green laser at a police helicopter is going over the line. Westchester County resident Philip Avery Putter is now facing federal charges after he got overzealous with his laser.

Mr. Putter allegedly pointed his green laser twice toward the chopper, leaving both pilots temporarily blinded, according to the FBI as reported by WNBC-TV on Thursday. He was arrested when the pilots radioed police that were patrolling the grounds of the Kensico Dam Fireworks show located him waving it.

When police captured Mr. Patter, he supposedly asked the sergeant if he could have his laser back because it was “expensive.” Also, they say that Mr. Putter’s intentions of wanting to blind the police were clear since he didn’t point it anywhere else. 

Mr. Putter was arraigned on one count of “knowingly aiming a laser beam at an in aircraft.” However, if he stays out of trouble for six months, the court will drop the case.

That gives him plenty of time to practice his laser pointing skills.