Here’s a Picture of The Bachelor Wearing Google Glass

Happy Friday!

Tech. (Photo: Twitter)

Hi, come to Betabeat. (Twitter)

At Betabeat, we never rest in finding the most obscure tech angle in anything that interests us. So we felt especially blessed today that this season’s Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, is on a tour of tech companies in Silicon Valley and tweeted this photo. Good for us, because it’s just slightly “tech enough” to warrant a post.

Anyway, above is a picture of the bag of hunky bones managing not to look like a total fartknocker with the Internet-enabled face computer while straddling a lucky Google bike. Details of his office tour appear to be scant, so we’re unclear if he’s there for tech support of his malfunctioning Chromecast (probably not!) or just to make the ladies and gay dudes swoon at his biceps.

Perhaps this will finally inspire us to cobble together that hottest “daddies in tech” slide show we’ve been mulling.