HowAboutWe…Buy Nerve and Become a Media Company?

A mockup of the new vertical

A mockup of the new vertical

HowAboutWe, the dating site that published editorial content, is taking it to the next level.

The company bought and is becoming a full-fledged lifestyle media brand about modern love, complete with stand-alone verticals and advertising.

“Every lifestyle publication is speaking, in one way or another, to people and their love lives,” said HowAboutWe co-founder and co-CEO Brian Schechter. “We think that there’s actually a huge opportunity to address that consumer demand as opposed to just circling around it.”

Most content about love and relationships is gender-specific, according to Mr. Schecter. But HowAboutWe’s four stand-alone sites are designed to appeal to millennials, be they male or female., HowAboutWe’s original editorial site about dating stories and trends, has been relaunched and redesigned but won’t change too much, content-wise. Swimmingly will focus on stories and advice for couples (what to binge watch together, for example). Famously will be about celebrity relationships and Nerve will continue to cover sex, as it has since the late-90s. And unlike, say, sex tips in women’s magazine, the stories on are made to be shared on social networks.

As part of this expansion, HowAboutWe Media has been on a hiring spree. Recent hires include Fleshbot CEO Lux Alptraum, former Defamer editor Beejoli Shah (who left Gawker in December), Nerve’s Kate Hakala, Fast Company writer Christina Chaey and social media editor Tim Herrera. Michelle Dozois will continue in her role of editorial director and Brian Moylan as editor in chief.

And the expansion will mean the added revenue of native, sponsored and display ads in addition to the current subscription-based model of HowAboutWe Dating and Couples. Nerve Dating, the site’s well-known personals platform, will be combined with HowAboutWe’s existing dating service.