Infidelity Site Ashley Madison Wants a World Cup Soccer Stadium Named After Them

Don't really think drunk shirtless soccer fans need any help cheating.

Soccer looks interesting. (Photo: Tumblr)

Soccer looks interesting. (Photo: Tumblr)

Always one to jump around and remind people that it still exists, infidelity purveyor Ashley Madison is reportedly making a bid to brand one of this summer’s World Cup stadiums with its name and logo.

The website is offering $4 million to brand a venue in southern Brazil with the safe-for-work title “Ashley Madison Arena,” per local reports. CEO Noel Biderman said his bid was one of altruistic means because the venue is being hampered with construction delays and he hopes the money helps the 43,000-seat stadium be completed on time. 

There’s also a local connection between Ashley Madison and the venue’s city, Curitiba. Globoesporte reports the town is the website’s fourth-largest revenue maker in Brazil, so it’s just really nice to see corporations pumping money back to the communities they serve.

FIFA, soccer’s (football’s?) governing body, told officials in Curtibia that it has until Feb. 18 to prove it can finish the stadium in time of July’s events. That’s still plenty of time for Tinder to get its money together, too.