Jon Stewart Takes on Forkgate

Jon Stewart reacting to Forkgate. (Photo: Screenshot)

Jon Stewart reacting to Forkgate. (Photo: Screenshot)

The Daily Show last night took on new Mayor Bill de Blasio first major “scandal”: his decision to eat his pizza with a knife and fork.

Calling out Mr. de Blasio’s utensil transgression, a faux-outraged Jon Stewart castigated the new mayor, who has presented himself as a populist fighter, for eating just like Donald Trump.

“You’re supposed to be a champion of the middle class! Two week into your term and we catch you eating pizza à la Trump?!” he railed in the profanity-laced segment. “And you call yourself a radical socialist bent on destroying New York City?”

“Look, I understand there’s a learning curve to be the mayor,” he went on to say, “but here’s lesson No. 1: Learn how to eat your city’s signature dish.”

He also mocked Mr. de Blasio’s defense that he was eating his pizza as they do in his “ancestral homeland” of Italy.

“Were you elected the mayor of Italy?! No!” he further railed, adding, “You’re a man of the people. Eat like one!”

Watch it below: