Daily Show Knows How Ridiculous #Forkgate Is, Will Spend 5 Minutes on It Anyway (Video)

Bill DeBlasio shames Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

Bill de Blasio shames Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

“Bill de Blasio’s scandal?” Jon Stewart asked with faux-innocence on last night’s Daily Show, interupting his own coverage of the legitimate very-bad thing that New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie did. “But the guy’s barely been mayor for two weeks. He handled a major snowstorm, he did all right. He’s been pushing for major reform, he’s been doing a fine job. What scandal could he possible be involved in?”

(Spoiler alert: It’s still #Forkgate.)

The Daily Show
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“I know what this is,” Mr. Stewart said. “This is nonsense. This is distraction on the part of the liberal media to distract from the real issue, which is Chris Christie’s failure to take responsibility from his administration’s….de Blasio you son of a bitch!”

As there were a lot of jokes to be made about this topic, five of the Daily Show‘s approximately 28 minutes last night were devoted to how our new mayor eats his pizza.


  1. xalbatrosswingx says:

    God! You don’t eat pizza with a knife & fork! Oy.. it’s finger food!! XD