Kanye West on How He Dealt With Taylor Swift Incident: ‘God, Sex, and Alcohol’

Kanye West (Getty Images)

Kanye West (Getty Images)

You know, we almost wish Kanye West had been a little bit crazier in his Interview dialogue with Steve McQueen. But he was almost normal…at least for Kanye. (It certainly wasn’t a Bret Easton Ellis podcast, or even a middle-of-Yeezus-concert-level insanity.) In fact, it was almost lucid, which, when talking about Kanye West, translates into sub-par.

But there was at least one interesting moment of the whole endeavor, and that was Mr. West finally opening up to what got him through the VMA “I’m gonna let you finish” backlash of ’09.

MCQUEEN: But there must have been moments of doubt or depression or sadness. I mean, with what happened after the Taylor Swift incident [at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards] and all the negativity that came your way as the result of that. How did you deal with it all mentally, physically, and spiritually?

WEST: It’s funny that you would say “mentally, physically, spiritually” because my answer before you even said that was going to be “god, sex, and alcohol.”

So god is mental, sex is physical and alcohol is spiritual? Sounds like a Russell Brand-isms if we ever heard one.