Lily Allen Pissed She Passed Up On $92 Million Bitcoin Offer

Us too, Lil.

Ms. Allen acknowledging humans at a movie premiere. (Photo: Getty)

Ms. Allen acknowledging people at a movie premiere. (Photo: Getty)

Lily Allen has probably turned down a lot of dorks in her day. But she appears to regret at least one such snub, when lots and lots o’ bitcoins were on the line.

“About 5 years ago,” Ms. Allen tweeted on Jan. 5, “someone asked me to stream a gig live on second life for hundreds of thousNds of Bitcoins, ‘as if’ I said #idiot #idiot [all sic].”

Now, bitcoins are worth $610 per coin, the Telegraph says. Mashable points out that 100,000 bitcoins today would be worth $91.2 million. Five years ago, one bitcoin was practically worthless.

She can’t be too bummed, though; she’s worth $6 million. Betabeat, by comparison, is worth approximately one drawing of a bitcoin.