Mayor Doubles Down on Pizza-Eating Technique

Bill de Blasio in the middle of the controversy last Friday.

Bill de Blasio in the middle of the controversy last Friday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is going to eat pizza his way, no matter what Jon Stewart and other critics have to say.

Sarcastically labeling Friday’s “forkgate” controversy “the most important issue facing this city,” Mr. de Blasio said today he plans to continue eating topping-heavy pizzas with a fork and knife–a habit he says he picked up traveling in his ancestral homeland of Italy.

“I will continue to express my own culture in my own way and when I get a pizza like that, I’m going to eat with a knife and fork,” the mayor explained.

Mr. de Blasio, speaking at a press conference to unveil his new health commissioner, further praised Goodfellas Pizza, the Staten Island restaurant in question, for both its good pizza and for capitalizing on the controversy by auctioning off the fork to charity.

“I commend them for that,” he said. “I’m glad that they are using this opportunity to help a good cause … And it’s a great restaurant I want to say.”

As for the media’s coverage of the faux-controversy–which spread across almost every New York publication, from the tabloids to the New York Times–Mr. de Blasio said he had no complaints.

“I think it’s all in good fun. I think it’s all in good fun,” he repeated, when pressed.