Meet the Gals of Broad City (Video)

Broad City (Comedy Central)

Broad City (Comedy Central)

Tonight marks an important moment for Comedy Central: The premiere of the Ilana Glazer/Abbi Jacobson sketch show Broad Show, produced by lady comedian/UCB founder Amy Poehler. See, it’s a pun, because it stars women, and the word “broad” has a couple different meanings.

The first episode of the show is already online at Comedy Central, or check out below for some irreverant clips.

You might know Ms. Glazer from last year’s Shit New Yorkers Say video, which she put together with her brother Eliot Glazer, a writer over at Vulture.

Broad City premieres on Comedy Central at 10:30.

Meet the Gals of <em>Broad City</em> (Video)