Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

“Let’s be clear: The biggest bets here are funded by funny money. I don’t mean that it’s laughable — just that it’s money that’s not intended, as most investments are, to make more money,” Ken Doctor on the economics of all the new news sites. (Nieman Lab)

Jim Ledbetter is leaving Reuters, where he was the wire service’s first op-ed, for Inc.. He will be the editor of the business mag. (AdWeek)  

Former embattled congressman Anthony Weiner writes an Op-Ed to give advice to current embattled Congressmen Michael Grimm and still manages to get in some digs at the press: “I’m sure that had Grimm actually done what he threatened and thrown Scotto off the balcony, in today’s media environment, being the reporter who got tossed onto a tour group of visiting Boy Scouts would probably be career gold. (I can already see the BuzzFeed vertical dedicated solely to memes of reporters being thrown by various public figures.)” (The New York Daily News)

And Jon Stewart gave NY1 a hearty shout out on his show last night. (Pat’s Papers)

The Washington Post has some big plans to expand. (The New York Times)