New Pizza Cologne Gives Guys An Excuse to Smell Like Last Night

Not only can you have your pizza and eat it too, you can also smell like it.

Not only can you have your pizza and eat it too, you can also smell like it.

I want to eat my food, not make out with it.

Freshly cooked pizza with sizzling cheese and dripping tomato sauce is one of the most appetizing sights for most New Yorkers, myself included. While walking down any street, the aromas of the local pizzeria quickly overpower me and it takes all my power not to go for my guilty pleasure. And that’s the way it should be.

Instead of buying a slice for $1, Demeter is selling a one ounce bottle of pizza-scented cologne for $20. The fragrance company, with 250-plus scents, prides itself on being the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans of the aroma-world. And now, you can smell like your lunch all day. 

“I think that it might make a great scent for a man…especially a man who wants to attract pizza-loving gals!,” commented one customer on Demeter’s site. “And if you can smell pizza without instantly needing to order one, it would make a pleasant room scent…like your Italian grandma’s kitchen.”

If someone really wants to smell pizza all day, why not just work at a restaurant? The pizza perfume didn’t work for Pizza Hut last year. Maybe Demeter bit off more than they can chew. 

While the company is famous for creating out-of-the-box scents, this one might be a little too far-fetched. Demeter’s CEO, Mark Crames even admitted to New York Daily News, “This is an experiment. We’ll find out if we’re crazy or it makes sense.”

But pizza is only fresh for so long, just like this cologne. One tester revealed, “After a few minutes, it mellows into the soft scent of cold, leftover pizza, which, of course, drives a partner wild.” 

I’m still not convinced. Leftover pizza, even for this fanatic, tastes good for a day or two, and then it belongs in the trash.