NFL Is Blocking Mobile Video At the Super Bowl So You Can’t Watch YouTube At The Game

You mean, fans will have to look at the field?

Hope they at least turn on the lights. (Photo: Flickr)

Hope they at least turn on the lights. (Photo: Flickr)

Fans going to this weekend’s Super Bowl won’t be able to watch Netflix if it becomes an incredibly boring game. MetLife Stadium said the NFL is blocking people’s ability to watch live video on their phones because the league is concerned it’s going to suck up bandwidth.

According to ArsTechnica, the field has bolstered its cell and WiFi service for fans but isn’t going to let fans watch highlights or stream the game online. At last year’s game, fans were allowed to watch and stream highlights on their mobile devices but their demand throttled the stadium’s bandwidth. 

To soothe people’s annoyance, the NFL is offering an special Super Bowl app featuring “exclusive content,” it just won’t include any video. NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle told the blog people to stop checking their stupid phones and pay attention to the game they paid a lot of money for:

“While we do know that people like to look at replays on their phones and there are some people who like to stream certain amounts of video in the game, the vast majority of our fans want to watch the game on the field, watch the replays on the jumbo board, and participate in the event more than they want to be checking their phone,” she said.

It’s not all terrible news because fans can still overshare on Twitter and Facebook.