On the Market: When Did Snow Umbrellas Become a Thing? Illegal Chinatown SROs Not Even Cheap Anymore; Aluminaire House Denied by Landmarks

Prospect Park’s Lakeside ice rink has already drawn 40,000 skaters. [NYDN]
Law firm Reed Smith may be the first big tenant at 7 Bryant park. [Crain’s]
Stop it with the snow umbrellas already! [TheAwl]
Even illegal SROs in Chinatown aren’t cheap anymore. [TRD]
Hasidic stores barring low-cut necklines will not pay the city a fine. [NYT]
Landmarks Commission nixes Sunnyside’s Aluminaire House proposal. [SunnysidePost]
Brooklyn Public House owner closes bar and it’s not because of a rent increase! [DNAinfo]
Everyone hates Paris right now. [AC]
Downtown Brooklyn development hopes to attract renters as the borough’s tallest tower. [WSJ]
Princeton luxury development ticks all the right boxes, but it’s kind of a flop. [NYT]
Bonkers UES carriage house hits the market for $14.5 million. [Curbed]
NYPL’s main branch book stacks have been cleared for demolition. [TheNation]
Cuomo plans for a property tax freeze include some very optimistic assumptions. [CNY]
A stalled Bronx condo project is revived as a shelter for domestic violence victims. [Crain’s]
Washington Heights coffee shop owner fears Caffe Bene will put him out of business. [NYDN]
Will the NYU ruling do more to hurt the cause of parks than to help them? [Crain’s]
Straphangers felt that total G and F Train shutdowns fell beyond “allowing extra travel time.” [Gothamist]