Pinterest Tops Email When It Comes to Sharing Things, Like Quinoa Pizza Bite Recipes

Imagine eating an undercooked quinoa pizza bite.

This looks appetizing to some. (Photo: Pinterest)

This looks appetizing to some. (Photo: Pinterest)

When it comes to sharing recipes with Katy, Katie and Cait for things you could just buy frozen at Trader Joe’s, Pinterest has bypassed email as a popular method of distributing items of interest.

The caloric dip look book ranks in third behind Facebook and Twitter as the preferred method for sharing stuff (i.e. articles, links and pictures) according to recent findings from ShareThis.  

The survey focused on people’s distribution habits in the fourth quarter of 2013 and found that people’s impulse to sharing things via Pinterest zoomed up 58 percent. 

Other findings, per Wired, showed that LinkedIn (sure) took a 40 percent leap as a place to share links while Twitter increased 15 percent. Facebook remained the top social network for people to share things on. 

Kurt Abrahamson of ShareThis discovered that people shared things between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. while the Midwest just loves using Pinterest. And people in the Northeast shared more things than other regions of the country, because if you read an entire New Yorker piece without then posting it to Facebook, did you ever really read it at all?

There’s always 2015, Potluck.