Pizzagate: de Blasio’s Famed Fork to be Auctioned for Charity

Fork Foolishness (Image via Politicker)

Fork Foolishness (Image via Politicker)

Let the bidding war begin!

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s weapon of choice has been bagged, tagged, and hung on the wall of Goodfella’s Pizzeria in Staten Island where the murder of an innocent slice of NYC’s signature dish was committed.

The official NYPD evidence bag, which restaurant co-owner and retired NYPD sergeant Marc Cosentino got from a friend on the force, was originally hung on the wall for kicks.  After fork fans began stopping in to take photos and laugh giddily at the displayed silverware, Mr. Cosentino decided to auction off the infamous fork for a local Staten Island charity.  The date of the auction remains undecided.

“I just did it because I thought it was funny. Then all of a sudden it got all this interest, so I thought let’s do something, let’s do something for charity,” said Mr. Cosentino to DNAinfo.

The auction, of course, follows the newly elected mayor’s first scandal — eating his pizza with a fork and knife.  Mr. de Blasio pins his “odd” eating technique on his Italian ancestry and numerous trips to Italy, but media continues the mayor mocking.

Jon Stewart spent five minutes on the topic on Monday’s episode of the  The Daily Show, jokingly questioning Mr. de Blasio, “If you were the mayor of Philadelphia, would you eat cheese steak with a knife and fork?! If you were the mayor of Buffalo, would you eat buffalo wings with a knife and fork?! If you were the mayor of Boston, would you eat..clam chowder?..Even there the method is hands!”

Mr. de Blasio showed no signs of correcting his behavior, causing concern among Goodfella’s customers.

“You should hide the silverware next time he comes in,” advised one customer.