Rap Genius Launches Shazam-esque Lyrics App

Finally you can annotate Drake songs on the go.

Something for pretty much everyone. (Screengrab: itunes.apple.com)

Something for pretty much everyone. (Screengrab: itunes.apple.com)

Fresh off the Christmas Day SEO snafu that had Google leaving their site for dead (to Google’s own detriment), the guys of Rap Genius have launched an app.

The app, called Genius, connects to users’ iPhone music players, allowing them to read and annotate lyrics while listening to songs. A button allows users to get the lyrics for what they’re listening to, or the songs in their iTunes Library.

It also includes a Shazam-like feature called Genius Recognition and powered by Gracenote, TechCrunch reports.

The app “could wean [Rap Genius] off Google’s teat,” TechCrunch announced in their headline, creating quite the unsettling mental picture.

But since Rap Genius relies so much on incidental lyrics searches leading users to their site, it’s hard to tell whether the app will make up the difference. Google is still punishing the site for its Bieber-related transgression a month later, after all.