‘Selfie Police’ Will Make You Pay to Post That Duck Face Mirror Shot

That'll be $1, please.

Selfie Police! Amanda Bynes, you are definitely under arrest. (Facebook)

Selfie Police! Amanda Bynes, you are definitely under arrest. (Facebook)

Let us all rejoice, because kids are finally using their wide-eyed pouting powers for good and not evil.

As the Huffington Post reported, two Brigham Young University students have created a project called the Selfie Police, wherein participants are encouraged to donate a dollar for every selfie they take. One-hundred percent of the proceeds go to Vittana, a charity that helps low-income kids afford a college education.

“On behalf of humanity, you are hereby fined $1 per selfie on charges of self-obsession,” the Selfie Police website says. “All the money goes to fund education for kids who can’t afford college, let alone a $600 self-indulgence device. Donate and join us. Police your friends. There’s a lot of work to be done. Together, we can turn vanity into charity.”

The project also encourages participants to incriminate their friends and offers three templates for calling them out on social media, in varieties “funny,” “snotty” and “mean.” Finally, you can force that bikini-clad, mirror-shot-obsessed girl you went to high school with to atone for all of her sins!  

So far, the Selfie Police has raised $1,451, and the site only launched last week. It’s hoping that certain notoriously selfie-obsessed celebs (*cough* Miley *cough*) will make some serious donations in the near future.

Now all we need is for someone to create the Instagram food pic police, because I’m sorry, but I really don’t care to see your totally mediocre-looking vegan quesadilla.