Sexting Is Cheating, You Guys

It just is.

Allow us to rant. (Photo: Getty)

Allow us to rant. (Photo: Getty)

We at Betabeat are not prudes. For evidence, see Sexy Week.

But we must take umbrage at some disturbing figures we learned from JDate and ChristianMingle‘s State of Dating Report. Apparently, lots of people wrongly believe that sexting doesn’t count as cheating.

Sexting, as in sexy texting. It’s right there in the name!

JDate and ChristianMingle’s parent company (Yahweh?) conducted the survey, which was made public today. This year, they found that 68 percent of women believe sexting is cheating, while 51 percent of men believe the same. Last year, 82 percent of women and 56 percent of men considered sexting to be unfaithful.

True, they define sexting as “sending a flirtatious message,” which really doesn’t do much to pinpoint which end of the sexting spectrum to which they’re referring. It could range anywhere from the dreaded 🙂 to a full-on, raging dick pic.

Still, most people know when they’re crossing the line. A winky face sent to a hot coworker is shitty, but doesn’t constitute cheating. But when you’re doing something you’d refer to as sexting when describing it to your friends, you’re totally cheating.

So unless you have some sort of sext-positive agreement with your partner, keep the dick pics between the two of you. And even if you don’t consider sexting to be tantamount to cheating, you’ll still remind your S.O. of Anthony Weiner. That’s hardly a turn-on.