Startup Will Give You ‘More And Better Coffee’ in Exchange For Starbucks Gift Card

'Scuse me but what could be better than Starbucks whipped cream?

A Tonx billboard in San Francisco. (Photo: Tonx)

A Tonx billboard in San Francisco. (Photo: Tonx)

Ah, Starbucks. We keep going back, but we all love to complain about it, from the lines to the shoddy coffee quality.

A new startup has taken notice and is leveraging your disappointment into its bottom line. Tonx is offering coffee subscriptions in exchange for Starbucks gift cards, which they say will result in you getting “more and better coffee,” a release from the company explains.

Ah, the Starbucks gift card—that rare gift that is lame, impersonal and incredibly useful. Who wouldn’t want one? People who don’t like fancy lattes, apparently.

“A standard $20 Starbucks gift card (which equates to three to four coffees) will magically become around 24 cups of home-brewed, fresh-roasted Tonx,” the release says.

Three coffees for $20? We’re not sure what kind of überfancy triple-shot half-soy, three-pump hazelnut, three-pump pumpkin with whip lattes Tonx is used to at those prices. But, yes, Starbucks is pretty expensive, and the 24 cups for $20 deal does sound pretty sweet.

To get the coffee, go to, and plug in your gift card number and PIN. Tonx itself is a subscription coffee service that talks a big game and, judging by this video, is strictly for men in bathrobes and one woman with a floppy haircut.

The promotion started at 10 a.m.