There’s Going to Be a Back to the Future Musical

This is even better than that time they were staging Legally Blonde!

Realistically, Christopher Lloyd should play every character. (Getty)

Realistically, Christopher Lloyd should play every character. (Getty)

In honor of Back to the Future‘s 30th anniversary (yeah, you’re old, sorry), a staged musical version of the cult classic will hit London’s West End next year, the AP reports.

Robert Zemeckis, who directed the original film, will direct the stage adaptation with the help of British theater director Jamie Lloyd. Mr. Zemeckis will also work with fellow Back to the Future writer Bob Gale—as well as Mr. Lloyd—on creating the musical’s libretto.

The musical will feature songs from the original movie, like Huey Lewis and the News’s “The Power of Love” and Marty McFly’s performance of “Johnny B. Goode.”

Here are the highly exciting things you can expect from the musical, according to a press release quote by Mr. Lloyd:

“The production will include illusions, skateboarding and many other surprises that will capture the spirit of the film but freshly interpret it for a new audience.”

Skateboarding? On stage? Sign us up!

We assume the “illusions” refer to Back to the Future‘s famous DeLorean, the time-traveling car that takes Marty McFly—played be a strapping young Michael J. Fox—back in time.

The AP also reports that a Broadway run is a possiblity, “if the new musical flies as well as the film’s specially equipped DeLorean.”

It sounds pretty tacky, but we guess it’ll still be better than Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.