This Is What Vogue Thinks Girls Do In Greenpoint

Girls in GreenpointNow that Lena Dunham is a Vogue cover model, Greenpoint is now even more on the map. 

Until fairly recently the secret neighborhood was discovered on a semi-regular basis by only a few hundred brave New York Times writers who got on the G train and found oysters and cocktails where there were once only perogies and vodka.

But Girls changed all of that. In the HBO show, the characters live on India Street, work at Grumpy’s and sometimes walk around the gentrified streets while discussing their problems. 

“While Girls put Greenpoint on the map for out-of-towners thanks to Hannah Horvath’s fictional apartment on India Street, over the past decade many of us New Yorkers have already discovered the north Brooklyn neighborhood’s charming boutiques and cozy bars and restaurants,” a guide to Greenpoint reads

But it’s not like Vogue has never written about Greenpoint before. The fashion magazine has covered the cute bars and cuter boutiques that line Franklin Avenue. But no publication can keep up with the seemingly daily bar openings. There is always more to write about.

“Local standards like River StyxLuksus, Achilles Heel, and Five Leaves have already been featured in Vogue, but just-opened craft-cocktail bar the Ramona (; 113 Franklin Street), sister bar to the East Village’s Elsa, provides the perfect setting for dramatic reveals—such as when your college boyfriend announces he’s gay—with its candlelit interior and double-height ceilings,” the Vogue post continues.

But maybe the best part about the blog post is the sentence that suggests a nice wood-fired oven for those with “divorce-settlement money to burn.”

We guess the neighborhood has moved on—instead of targeting millennial Girls, it now is a destination for their self-consciously hip moms, whether or not they are visiting grown-ish children in the area.  

This Is What Vogue Thinks Girls Do In Greenpoint