Time-Efficient Robber Calls Ahead To Reserve The Xbox He’s Stealing

Smart of him.

Planned ahead. (Photo: Xbox)

Planned ahead. (Photo: Xbox)

A man who is suspected of robbing a GameStop store in Tennessee didn’t want to waste anytime. Police say the suspect called ahead and asked the store to put a XBox One console and some video games on hold, but ended up stealing them instead.

The suspect allegedly told the clerk the items were for a child. It happened last Wednesday in a Nashville suburb, reports WKRN-TV.  Police say the man waited for two hours in his car before entering the store where he brandished a gun and stole the items. He also grabbed $600 in cash from the register.

Police added that the suspect is a black male, 5’8”, weighs between 200 and 250 pounds and is in his twenties. Surveillance footage show him zipping away in a gray Nissan Versa. 

“It shows the individual had a premeditation to create this violent occurrence by pulling the hand gun out on the clerk,” Metro police Detective Lt. Curtis Watkins said. “He wanted to get out as soon as possible. He knew what he wanted and he had a plan.”

It seems like the plan was to go home, drink Mountain Dew and play video games until his mom came home.