Vine Creates Browser Version, Ensures Potential Employers See All Your Dumb Videos


vine 17

Shut up, no one looks like that in bed.

You might have thought nobody but your fellow six-second video enthusiasts would see your collection of Vine videos. The bad impressions, the corny jokes, the failed stunts — they were dumb, but at least they were largely confined to people who care about Vine.

But now, Twitter-owned Vine has beefed up its web presence to make it easier for people to find, browse and share your videos. 

Previously, users had to search on third-party services like and, both of which are pretty clunky. It was tough to find and link to a Vine, unless the Viner had tweeted it from within the app.

It’ll be easier to find other users’ past videos like, say, this gem:

But it’ll also be easier for future employees and people you’re casually dating to find your dumb old Vines like, say… the video above.

Vine announced the new features on its blog today. They called it “a step toward bringing you a richer, more enjoyable web experience.” 

BRB, making some deletions.