Why It’s Impossible to Be ‘Over’ Jennifer Lawrence (Video)

Damien Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence. (Access Hollywood)

Damian Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence. (Access Hollywood)

“No, but I am really over Jennifer Lawrence!” you told us. “Like, I was really into her last year, but this constant ‘America’s Sweetheart’ thing is pretty grating, and those backlash pieces really have some good points.”

“It’s not even like I don’t like her,” you continued. “I like her fine. She’s a great actress. I just don’t understand why she gets sooooo much attention for being quirky off-camera.”

To which we rolled our eyes, collectively, and steered you towards this video of Ms. Lawrence getting genuinely upset at infotainment program Access Hollywood for giving out Homeland spoilers during her meet-and-freakout with star Damian Lewis.

Who else could make the soulless red-carpet interviewers legit regretful, besides J-Law?