You Can Buy the Briefs Right Off David Beckham’s Body Via Remote Control This Super Bowl

A publicity stunt we can all get behind.



Screaming toddlers, itchy sweaters and miserable boyfriends — a trip to H&M never fails to fray the nerves.

In fact, the only things that make that store pleasurable at times are the giant David Beckham and Beyoncé ads, and the occasional bargain find.

Wouldn’t it be great to cut all the ancillary BS and just objectify David Beckham then buy the briefs encasing his rock-hard buns? H&M is doing just that by airing a smart commercial during the Super Bowl that will enable people to buy undies through their TV remotes.

Viewers with Samsung smart TVs will be able to participate in this feat of marketing, AdAge reports. They’ll see a small pop-up menu on the screen while the ad is running, and it’ll even work for DVR users.

Guess we’d better prepare by finding all of Becks’s old ads and taping them to our bedroom wall just to make sure we know what to expect.