40% Of Young Adults Admitted to Using Twitter On the Toilet, Rest Are Lying

Come on, you know you do it.

Take a seat! Do some Twitter! (Wikimedia Commons)

Take a seat! Do some Twitter! (Wikimedia Commons)

We millennials have always been great at multi-tasking: we play iPad games and listen to Beyoncé while we ride the elliptical; we watch Bravo and eat pints of ice cream while we do our homework. So it should come as no surprise that we also have a strong tendency to use social media while we poop.

According to a report by Nielsen documented in the Wall Street Journal, and which bundled data from a bunch of surveys conducted throughout 2013, “Young adults ages 18-24 are twice as likely (40%) to use social media in the bathroom compared to the average (21%).” 

Don’t you pretend to be grossed out for even one second, because let’s just admit we all do this. Trips to the toilet are a little too short to make progress in your book, and a little too intimate to carry on a phone conversation. But they’re perfect for scrolling through Twitter, or checking out your friends’ Facebook photos, or posting a few selfies to Instagram (jk on that last one—hopefully). 

Tbh, we bet the real statistic is even higher than 40%, and people are just embarrassed to admit we’ve all abandoned our standards for hygiene in favor of our crippling social media addictions.

The report also explored consumers’ other digital trends. Among a bunch of other stats, 48 percent of moms with kids under 13 are using social media while they’re in the car, versus 31 percent overall; half of adults ages 25-34 use social media at work (duh), versus 35 percent overall; also, 44 percent of adults ages 25-34 use social media around the restaurant table, versus 31 percent overall—RUDE.

Now BRB, gotta go to the bathroom.