Booting Up: Canadian's Model S Is Fifth Tesla to Catch Fire in Five Months

Oops. (Photo: Round Rock Offices)

Oops. (Photo: Round Rock Offices)

The NSA is totally over Edward Snowden and his pals. They kicked out a civilian employee with ties to  him. [New York Times]

Tesla shares are higher than ever — but a Model S reportedly caught fire in Toronto on Feb. 1, the fifth Tesla fire in five months. [CNBC]

Today’s Google doodle boasts “six tales of real romance” in honor of Valentine’s Day, tell your mom! [TechCrunch]

Cyber-thieves might be filming you to find out how to steal from your online bank accounts. Just FYI. [BBC]

Japanese company Rakuten paid $900 million for the unfortunately named Viber. [BBC]