Booting Up: Comcast Just Bought Time Warner Cable But It's Totally Not a Monopoly You Guys

But as long as Bravo still works, we're cool.

Bye. (Facebook)

Bye. (Facebook)

Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable for the low, low price of a $45.2 billion all-stock transaction. [The Verge]

Prominent supporters of LGBT rights helped get some Russian neo-Nazi accounts removed from Instagram and Facebook. [Recode]

2013 was the first year that smartphones outsold non-smartphones. LOL, remember when you thought your high school Motorola Razr was cool? [TechCrunch]

An advocacy group is trying to prevent Facebook from being able to use minors’ comments, photos and “likes” in their ads without their or their parents’ permission. [New York Times]

Google veteran Dennis Woodside will join the Dropbox team as chief operating officer. [Gigaom]