British Man Fined $800 For Drawing Dicks On a Snapchat Picture of a Cop

These cops need to chill.

Cool dude Jordan Barrack (Twitter)

Cool dude Jordan Barrack (Twitter)

A British man who drew penises on a photo of a police officer and posted it to social media has received a pretty hefty punishment from a court.

Last summer, 20-year-old Jordan Barrack was taken to a local police station after witnessing a bar fight. While waiting to be interviewed, the bored witness secretly snapped a photo of police constable Charles Harris, drew a couple dicks on it, and shared it with his friends on Facebook and Snapchat. 

“I was waiting for ages,” Mr. Barrack told the Lincolnshire Echo, describing the night he went to the police station as a voluntary witness. “…[The officer] was writing things down and I just sat there bored out of my head so got my phone out and thought I would be a bit cocky and did it…I thought nothing would come of it.”

Clearly Mr. Barrack thought wrong; On Feb. 4, he showed up at the Lincoln Magistrate Court, where he plead guilty to “posting a grossly offensive, obscene picture on a social media site,” according to the newspaper.

Here's another photo Mr. Barrack posted to Twitter. Clearly he's got a thing for clever dick photos. (Twitter)

Here’s another photo Mr. Barrack posted to Twitter. Clearly he’s got a thing for clever dick photos. (Twitter)

Mr. Barrack said he was surprised by the severity of his punishment: he must pay $650 in compensation to the officer in the dick-covered photo, complete 40 hours of unpaid work and pay $150 in court fees. Additionally, Mr. Barrack said “They confiscated my phone at the time and I still haven’t got it back over five months later even though the case is finished now.” That blows.

Tbh, that punishment seems a little severe, and we agree with Vice that these police officers are being total cry-babies. Then again, we’d also like to make $650 for every time someone posted a heinous photo of us on Facebook, so maybe we can’t blame them.