Bustle Wants An Intern To Find Viral Content on ‘Lesser Known Websites’

Bustle.com (screenshot)

Bustle.com (screenshot)

Bustle, Bryan Goldberg’s lady-site that everyone briefly hated before mostly forgetting about, is looking for interns, according to a job list that went out to an NYU’s J-School listserv today. 

Successful applicants for the Viral Writer Internship will not only be good at finding content before it goes viral, they will know that they can find it. Namely, other websites that aren’t as well known as Bustle:

Bustle.com is seeking viral content writers for our lifestyle vertical. Writers should be internet junkies who have a knack for finding viral videos, photos, memes, tweets, and more before they go viral (we know, you’ve heard that one before). 

The ideal applicant will have experience finding and writing this type of content and will know where to look for it (RSS feeds, subreddits, lesser known websites, etc.). We’re not looking for someone to simply rehash content found on UpWorthy or Distractify.

 Oh, and, knowledge of SEO is also helpful!  

Recently, there has been a lot of thinking and rethinking about the internship economy. Maybe trolling through unknown websites to try to find memes and tweets with viral will make some interns rethink the whole media proposition.

But then again, at least Bustle pays. Interns will get $50 per six hour shift, which is maybe worth the risk that Mr. Goldberg will use your legs as a table