Coca-Cola Ad Debuts Handy 'Social Media Guard' to Keep You From Texting

It also makes you look like you've recently been neutered, as a bonus.

Perf (Screengrab: Youtube)

Perf (Screengrab: Youtube)

Coca-Cola recently debuted a new ad featuring a pretend product that actually would be a great invention. Called a Social Media Guard, it sits on the collar bone and creates a physical barrier between a human and his or her smartphone.

It’s pretty fitting that the fake device so closely resembles those cones dogs wear to keep them from scratching themselves, since our physiological need to check our phones constantly probably carries the same high level of intensity of a dog’s urge to scratch his balls.

The takeaway from the commercial, we guess, is that enjoying an ice cold Coca-Cola will put you back in the moment and make you stop frantically checking to see if anyone’s faved your latest pithy House of Cards tweet. The soda also might send you on a corn-syrup-induced sugar high, too, but it’ll only help you tweet faster.