De Blasio and Roker Make Peace After Twitter Beef

Al Roker and Bill de Blasio hanging out off-stage. (Photo: Twitter/@NYCMayorsOffice)

Al Roker and Bill de Blasio hanging out off-stage. (Photo: Twitter/@NYCMayorsOffice)

After NBC weatherman Al Roker ripped into Mayor Bill de Blasio for controversially keeping schools open during a blizzard earlier this month, the two buried the hatchet on a live episode of Today this morning.

The duo would only hint at their dispute, however, which involved Mr. Roker going on a Twitter rant that offered a “forecast” of a single term for Mr. de Blasio. At the time, Mr. de Basio shot back: “It’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather.” (Mr. Roker later partially apologized for the remarks.)

“Well get this out of the way: We had a little chat about school closings and school and we both want the best for the school kids and our city,” began Mr. Roker during this morning’s brief appearance with the mayor.

“Now, look, I think together, letting people know what’s going on with the weather, letting people know [how] they can be safe–that’s something we do together,” interjected Mr. de Blasio, pivoting to offer Mr. Roker a gift in light of expected snow later this week.

“I want you to know: We have a little snow coming up in the next few days,” Mr. de Blasio continued. “So I’d like you actually to join us–this is the sanitation department official hat. And if you’d like to come out and join us in snow clearance, this could be a new part of your career.”

“I’d love to do it,” replied Mr. Roker. “My dad was a bus driver and he used to drive a snow-clearing bus. So I’d love to do it. New York’s strongest.”

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