Don’t Worry, This is Not a Picture of Leo DiCaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street Oscar

Photo via @SartoriallyInc

Photo via @SartoriallyInc

Good catch, guy! Several sharp-eyed Twitters managed to freeze-frame a second of Jake Tapper’s CNN segment about the making of the actual Academy Awards this week, where you can see the nameplate clearly read: “Leonardo DiCaprio Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role For The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Spoiler alert!

Actually, we shouldn’t worry about it, says Tanya Ghahremani from Complex: “RS Owens has been making winning nameplates for every nominee in advance since 2010, to shorten the waiting time between winners receiving their statue and winners receiving the actual nameplate for the statue that states their name, winning category, and project.”

Which means that somewhere there’s a plaque that reads “Renee Zellweger Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Bridget Jones’ DiaryHugo for Best Picture.”