Fashion Week Satisfaction Scorecard: Naeem Khan, Concept Korea, Billy Reid, Pamella Roland

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 Name: Anna Canlas

 Date: Feb. 11

1. How would you rate your experience at the event?

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Comments: This was the earliest a show I’ve been to has started, just 19 minutes late.

2. Quality of service (Ushers, ticket scanners, etc.,):

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Comments: Very warm and attentive ushers, to match the mostly friends-and-family crowd in the audience.

3. Attention to detail (Gift bags, runway set, clothes):

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Comments: Coming from fledgling designers, many of the collections still had some ripening to do. Out of 13 designers, I liked one: Michael Doyle’s all black collection with latex painting seemed the most cohesive of all.

4. Overall consumer satisfaction (based on the qualities you were able to observe from attendees):

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Comments: It was one of those shows where the audience cheers on the designers, since they are either there as friends or family.

5. Additional comments: The pop music score was distracting attention away from the clothes.