Fox 5 Captures Woman Giving Birth on New York Street (Video)

Safe for work, if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Though we happen to find it a little shady that a Fox 5 News team just “happened to be driving by” 63rd and 3rd Avenue yesterday evening while a woman tried to hail a taxi, and, failing that, just gave birth on the middle of the sidewalk. How often does THAT happen? #OnlyInNewYork

Either way, congrats to the Fox 5 news team for this amazing scoop. And congrats to this woman for her healthy delivery! And to all the citizens who didn’t Kitty Genovese a lady going into labor, but instead formed a protective circle around her. And remember, the next time you plan on having a baby, call Uber. Or at least one of those Google vans. That should dissuade that snobby couple looking to buy its way into your co-op board.