House of Cards SpoilerFoiler.Com is Brilliant, Why Are We Not Doing This for Every Show?

Because the ultimate question in our lives right now is not “What do we get our significant other for Valentine’s Day?” but “How do I avoid reading House of Cards spoilers? Wait, shit, it’s Valentine’s Day??” (It’s official: Netflix is trying to undermine your relationship.) might be Netflix’s most brilliant idea since deciding to produce original content: Just type in your Twitter info, and then read your stream on the site. The app screens for keywords related to House of Cards and hides the tweet with a <> button, which you can then click through if you really want to see what happens to <<<<SPOILER ALERT>>>> who defies <<<<SPOILER ALERT>>>> and gets <<<SPOILER ALERT>>>>.

Of course, the system isn’t perfect, and sometimes SpoilerFoiler can get a bit overzealous about what they’re protecting.

So, spoiler alert, someone gets fucked/married/killed during this season of House of Cards. You’ve been warned!