Louise Blouin Allegedly Said Ex-Publishers ‘Make Too Much Money’: Here’s the Shanley and Buckley v. Blouin Complaint

Blouin. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Blouin. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Fresh from the courts: here’s the complaint in the case that has former Art + Auction publisher Kate Shanley and her associate publisher, Wendy Buckley, demanding $137,431.32 and $90,025.65, respectively, from their former boss, Louise Blouin.

News of the lawsuit broke in Keith Kelly’s New York Post column, which already picked up on some good tidbits, like the fact that “Blouin has [allegedly] asserted to staffers that the plaintiffs were ‘greedy’ or ‘evil’ and that they ‘stole’ money[,] clients and commissions.”

See below:

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