Making a Stink: New Map Shows the Least Disgusting Subway Restrooms

Like a scavenger hunt, but gross.

X marks the pot.

X marks the pot. (Youtube)

Have you ever wondered which of the subway restrooms do not contain untold horrors?

Well, Eron Watts may have the answer for you … depending what subway line you’re on.  

Mr. Watts delved into the depths of the underground to pinpoint usable bathrooms throughout the city’s subway stations. Of the 129 he investigated, only 48 have been deemed tolerable.

“The conditions inside many of them are just like what you see at the subway station platforms — dirty, filthy, messy, smelly, stinky, rusty, and disgusting,” Mr. Watts told WPIX.

He also filmed two videos to help chronicle his journey in search of these obscure restrooms.

Mr. Watts’ first video,  NYC Subway Public Restrooms: 45 Places was posted in 2012. He found, you guessed it, 45 usable toilets. 

Recently, he also debuted a second video titled: NYC Subway Public Restrooms: 3 More Places. 

We applaud Mr.Watts efforts to give us such a detailed map. But thanks to some of his videos’ more, um, graphic shots we think we will just hold it in. 

h/t Untapped Cities.