Mind the Gap: Tenacious Victim Chases Mugger Through Subway Tunnel Over $94 and a Lighter

Good place for a chase.

Good place for a chase.

Jeff Hamm might have thought he was robbing just another New Yorker.

He was actually robbing the most persistent person in the world. 

According to police, Mr. Hamm swiped $94 and a $2 lighter from an unidentified victim on Sixth Ave and West 4th. The victim decided he wouldn’t get mad, he’d get awesome and gave Mr. Hamm the chase of his life.

The would-be-mugger headed into the 1 train station at West Houston with his so-called victim in hot pursuit, according to DNAinfo. When Mr. Hamm jumped on to the tracks, his victim was right behind him.

The chase lasted an entire uptown subway stop through the tunnel, with the two men emerging from the underground at Christopher Street. Which, fun fact, takes about six minutes and costs about $2.50 if you are on a train and not running for your life.

Probably at this point pretty terrified, Mr. Hamm resorted to throwing $1 and $5 bills at his pursuer, but the victim would not be stopped. That lighter was, we can only assume, a very nice lighter.

The chase was put to an end when a police officer noticed Mr. Hamm and the man who just literally hunted him through the underground struggling as Mr. Hamm entered a taxi.

Mr. Hamm was arrested and charged with robbery, with no word on whether whatever or not the bars he will be put behind can withstand his pursuer.

Are we the only ones who pictured this immediately? Yes?

the fugitive


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