Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

President Obama slammed Fox News in Bill O’Reilly’s hardball pre-game interview last night. (The New York Times)

And speaking of the Super Bowl, the commercials were more heartwarming than usual this year. The most controversial topics were a Seinfeld mini-reunion and Bob Dylan selling out, so it’s safe to say it was pretty tame. (The New York Times)

Ezra Klein owns a sous-vide machine. And more on his new, Vox media-owned website and recent departure from The Washington Post. But really, his own sous-vide machine! (New York)

The New York Times changed the lede on their Friday Bridgegate story: it originally said that former New York Port Authority official David Wildstein had evidence that Chris Christie knew about the bridge closures but was then edited to say that Mr. Wildstein said that such evidence exists. Times reporter Kate Zernike defended the changes on CNN’s Reliable Sources yesterday. (Huffington Post/CNN Reliable Sources

Like almost every body else you know, Katie Couric’s is planning her wedding for this summer. (New York Daily News)

Mara Schiavocamp and Bill Kristol are joining ABC News. (Huffington Post)