Morning Media Mix

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

(Illustration by Lauren Payne)

Both digital and print ad revenue are down at The New York Times but the company is citing increases in digital subscriptions. (The New York Times

Michael Wolff says that there’s a new condition in the media business called Bezosmania, which he defines as “the irrational hope that someone more knowing than the current executives and managers in the media business will, in deus ex machina fashion, transform your obsolete medium and save your job.” (GQ UK)

The Los Angeles Times editorial page considered publishing Dylan Farrow’s open letter but decided against it. Well, guess The New York Times is the next best thing? (The Wrap)

The Washington Post‘s Brad Plumer and Sarah Kliff are going over to Ezra Klein’s new venture Vox Media-backed venture. And there’s a rumor that foreign policy blogger Max Fisher might follow, but when reached for comment, he claimed he had to go to a meeting and couldn’t talk. Oldest trick in the book. (Huffington Post)

Gawker is looking for someone to cover the weather. Isn’t that really everyone’s favorite subject anyway? (BuzzFeed)