Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

The 2013 George Polk Awards in Journalism were announced. The winners are some familiar stories that you probably read: The New York Times‘ ‘Invisible Child’ opus about Letitia James’ new BFF Dasani Coates, The Record‘s reporting on the traffic problems the George Washington Bridge, The Miami Times for the A-Rod biogenesis scandal and more (including honoring the journalists who broke the NSA story in The Guardian) (

But then again, maybe you never read those stories, you just shared them. “We’ve found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading,”said Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile, basically blowing the minds of social media editors everywhere. (The Verge)

Vice is looking for a copy editor for its new, soon-to-launch news site. Too bad they didn’t get someone to copy edit the job posting. (Gawker)

In person, Glenn Greenwald “is charming, with a laugh that sometimes descends into a giggle,” eats the squid appetizer for lunch, and is addicted to Guaraná, a Brazilian soft drink derived from an Amazon fruit. (The Financial Times)

Netflix is punching above its weight. Speaking of which, how many times has House of Cards already come up today? (The New York Times)