Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

“In an era when media basically doesn’t make money, the only businessman who would go into it would be some kind of egomaniac, like me. [laughs] If I were truly into the money, I’d be in waste disposal or something like that.” Here’s Nick Denton’s Playboy interview. Have fun. (Playboy on Kinja)

Details editor in chief Dan Peres and his wife, Australian actress Sarah Wynter, are spliting up. (Page Six, New York Post)

In a Grantland interview, Lena Dunham bashes Jezebel for publishing her un-retouched Vogue spread. (Time)

Time Inc. is launching  a video sports network in advance of the big Time Warner spin off. (AdWeek)

MSNBC hosts are getting petitioned by The Writers Guild to speak out again the Comcast/ Time Warner deal. (Huffington Post