Morning Media Mix

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

Illustration by Lauren Payne.

ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox think Aereo, the start-up that streams TV signals to users’ Internet-connected devices, is stealing from them, and they have filed a brief with the Supreme Court to prove it. (The New York Times)

Cuts to the military budget now that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have ended mean that military journalists must reduce their war coverage and end embeds. (Poynter)

Netflix launched a satirical attack on Amazon on Tuesday, releasing a video introducing “Drone to Home” DVD delivery. (The New York Times)

Some Brits want to help Piers Morgan find a new job, and some don’t. (Huffington Post)

Dwight Garner praises the new book MFA vs. NYC, an n+1 collection that asks whether fiction writing can, or should, be programmatically taught. (The New York Times)